Safety Officer takes care of employee's safety at work environment. This is a quite traditional description of the safety officer's job. There is a range of roles and responsibilities for health and safety officers which depend upon different industries.

We provide a range of health safety environment management training and qualification. We provide health and safety education throughout the world in order to help them enhance their skills/knowledge, evict risk, create a positive work culture for employees and others and improve the performance for life-long business.

Green World Group offers internationally recognized occupational health and safety qualifications with flexible training solutions for making the workplace a most positive health and safety culture.

If you're thinking regarding taking a NEBOSH course to grow your health and safety information and get qualified, of course, one of the first questions you'll have is - how much is it going to cost? Taking some qualification requires an investment at the moment and money.

In order to become a safety officer, you will need to complete a bachelor's degree and gain knowledge in occupational health and safety. Some jobs require a master's degree in any filed or occupational health and safety field.