Fire Protection safety Tips for Schools


While the number of school fires has decreased over recent years, they continue to be a serious risk for schools. Every year around one in twenty schools experiences a fire and nearly hour of faculty fires are started deliberately.

The short effects of loss of facilities and instrumentation may be calculated, however the longer-term effects of loss of work, disruption of categories and lowering of morale square measure a lot of more durable to quantify.

  • Develop a fire emergency plan for the school and ensure that everyone knows it.
  • Always keep escape/ evacuation routes clear of any blockades.
  • Keep flammables like kerosene, gas cylinder etc. out of the reach of children.
  • Always follow the building by-laws to keep your school safe and secure.
  • Keep storage and working areas free from trash.
  • Ensure old wiring is maintained and broken electrical fittings repaired by an electrician.
  • The cafeteria staff should be extra cautious while working in the kitchen.
  • Keep fire extinguishers in working condition and learn how to operate them.
  • Practice moving through your escape routes with eyes closed during normal times.
  • Always maintain a First Aid kit and keep it ready for any emergency. Keep the boxes at easily accessible locations.
  • Teach students to fire safety rules.

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