Tips for Manual handling in the workplace


Tops tips for manual handling in the workplace

    Manual handling injuries in the workplace are extremely common. According to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) figures, in 2013/14 around 909,000 working days were lost in the UK due to manual handling injuries. 

    It is one of the most common kinds of injuries reported to the HSE every year. Here are some tips on how you can reduce the risk of sustaining a manual handling injury whilst in the workplace.

  • Undertake a thorough risk assessment.
  • Use equipment to help move heavy items where possible.
  • Push a load rather than pull it.
  • Bend your knees when lifting heavy object - don't bend at the waist. Work from a stable base.
  • Provide the correct training for all staff.
  • Avoid twisting or reaching for items.
  • Keep your head up and look forward.

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